Bylaws Committee

Assists in improving FRID’s Bylaws and review current motions that impact the Bylaws. Will review and make recommendations for improvements to the Organization’s Bylaws and implement recently passed motions. Committee will utilize the talents and experience of its members to formulate changes to the Bylaws to be approved by the Board, so that they may be submitted to the membership for ratification.


  • To rectify any grammar or format corrections
  • To assure continuity throughout the Bylaws
  • To remove from the Bylaws those parts which are too specific or otherwise better suited to a PPM
  • To clarify the questions raised by the Board regarding membership categories and the Board structure
  • To get recommendations from the Board of other pressing matters in the Bylaws which the members of the Board feel need revising, consider such issues and subsequently make the committee supported revisions a part of the entire proposal

Additional Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Bylaws on the national, state, or local affiliate level
  • Knowledge/experience with writing, editing, and/or proofreading

Number of members: Chair plus 2

Carrie Moore

Committee Members:

Board Members:
Mark McDonald, Region Representative South

Board Liaison:
Katryna Arias, Vice-President of Internal Affairs

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