Board of Directors Meetings

Regularly scheduled board meetings are open to the public. FRID encourages members and visitors to attend any regularly scheduled meetings. Board meetings are conducted in American Sign Language (ASL) to provide a fully inclusive experience for all FRID members, guests, and visitors attending.  Attendees can join regularly scheduled board meetings by video conference using our Zoom video conference link. 

To connect by video conference, click here:

First time users will be asked to download the Zoom Launcher (one-time software installation). There is a prompt to enter your name and then you will automatically join the video conference. Members shall always announce themselves upon joining any conference call.

How to Submit a Motion
FRID members are welcome to submit motions at anytime throughout the year. Motions received at least 48-hours in advance of a regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be heard at that meeting. Otherwise, the motion will be heard at the subsequent Board of Directors meeting.

Submit a Motion (members only)

Regularly Scheduled BOD Meetings



 Meeting type


Monday, Feb 24th at 7pm EST

Connect by videoconference

 Tuesday, Mar 24th at 7pm EST


Connect by videoconference

 Saturday, Apr 25th at 10am EST

Connect by videoconference

 Monday, May 18th at 7pm EST

Connect by videoconference

Monday, September 28th at 7pm EDT 

Connect by videoconference

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