Board of Directors Election - 2023

Elections are held annually. Per the FRID Bylaws (revised in 2019), the nominations and elections process are contained in the FRID Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM). The Board is still working to complete the PPM, but they have adopted the portion containing the nominations and elections process. As part of this process, "all elections for the FRID Board of Directors shall be conducted electronically via a platform vetted and approved by the Board of Directors." This year, the Board has selected Election Runner as the election platform.

For full nomination and election information, please visit the Elections page.

    2023 FRID Board of Directors Election Candidates


    Katryna Arias

    Hi! My name is Katryna Arias. I work as an interpreter here in the Central Florida area and I love what I do. I work in a variety of settings such as VRI, Conference, Medical, Post-Secondary, etc. I also own two agencies - one is a local, boutique interpreting agency, and the other is an interpreting mentorship agency. I truly love working with and supporting the interpreting community!

    A few years back, I started my journey with FRID as the Professional Development Chair. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to plan workshops, events, and socials, as well as connect with our interpreting community. Last year, I rejoined the FRID board and transitioned into the role of VPIA, Vice President of Internal Affairs. Over the past year, I've gotten the pleasure of working with the Professional Development Committee in planning workshops and events, as well as supporting our Region Representatives in their efforts to host more social events for increased interpreter engagement and reconnection for our community all around the state.

    Our goal is to continue these efforts of hosting more events and workshops in an effort to support our interpreting community's goals and to support our members' development, growth, and career advancement and progression.

    I ope you all will consider me to be re-elected and continue my work as your Vice President of Internal Affairs. Thank you!

    See FRID Bylaws for description of duties


    No candidates for the position of Secretary were submitted

    See FRID Bylaws for description of duties


      No candidates for the position of Treasurer were submitted

      See FRID Bylaws for description of duties


      Hannah Rutherford

      Hello everyone! My name is Hannah Rutherford, and I would love to become FRID's Member-At-Large. I'd be serving a supportive role, attending meetings, and be available however the committee best sees fit. This position is perfect, as I graduated USF's interpreter degree program in 2018, work mostly freelance, and have been a Sorenson VRS interpreter for over two years. I truly love what I get to do, I volunteer occasionally, but I want to become far more involved. The Deaf community in Florida has given me everything, and I want to be a better supporter and partner with FRID. Additionally, I'm very flexible and open-minded for these new opportunities to work together. So, I look forward to next steps, and hope to be FRID's new Member-At-Large! Again, this is Hannah Rutherford, thank you and take care!

      See FRID Bylaws for description of duties


      Brooks Jody Belcher

      No position statement available. Please see candidate biography below:

      Brooks "Jody" Belcher was born and raised in West Virginia. From a young age, he was interested in learning ASL and Deaf culture. Jody successfully completed an Interpreting Training Program through the West Virginia Rehabilitation Center in 2001. He started his career in the K-12 setting. He became a nationally certified interpreter (NAD III) in 2002. In 2003, he relocated to Southwest Florida and started working as a freelance interpreter. Jody obtained the National Interpreter Certification (NIC Advanced) in 2006. Jody has taught ASL classes, workshops, and has been a lead in specialized trainings for K-12, post secondary as well as correctional settings. He is also experienced in VRS, legal and mental health settings. He is an advocate for the Deaf community and enjoys the strong ties he has been able to establish over the years. In his free time he enjoys beach volleyball, spending time with his family as well as singing professionally.

      See FRID Bylaws for description of duties


      Genaere Lowery

      Hi! I'm Genaere Lowery. I'm looking forward to transitioning back into the Region Rep East role. A year ago, I transitioned out of the Region Rep East position early in order to assist with some of the Board's pressing needs as Secretary. Coming back into the Rep East role, I am looking forward to things like: selecting Deaf and Deafblind presenters to host workshops and provide trainings in order to better the interpreting field by increasing interpreters' access to skill building, and getting more involved in FRID's licensure task force in order to continue the pursuit of making licensure/certification a requirement in the state of Florida, and more. With all of that being said, my highest priority and what I'm looking forward to is how I can best serve, uplift and contribute to the Deaf community.

      Thank you, and take care.

      See FRID Bylaws for description of duties


      Daryl Everett

      Hello! I'm Daryl Everett. I live in Hillsborough county and I'm the incumbent for FRID region representative west region. Since starting this position in 2022, I've had the opportunity to host a variety of networking events in our region and to attend the national RID conference. I would love to continue in this position and continue to foster a sense of community in our profession. I am encouraged by the changes taking place at RID and hope that together we can make FRID and RID a professional organization that you trust and value. Thank you for taking the time to vote.

      See FRID Bylaws for description of duties

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