FRID Leadership

The Board of Directors of FRID have accepted the responsibility to carry out the business of the organization. The board works closely with many stakeholders, both internally and externally, as well as with individual members as they move FRID forward. 

FRID is a member driven organization. We encourage members to be involved at all levels. The committee structure established provides many opportunities for members to serve their professional organization.

Join a FRID Board Meeting

Regularly scheduled board meetings are open to the public. FRID encourages members and visitors to attend any regularly scheduled meetings. Board meetings are conducted in American Sign Language (ASL) to provide a fully inclusive experience for all FRID members, guests, and visitors attending.  Attendees can join regularly scheduled board meetings by video conference using our Zoom video conference link. 

To connect by video conference, click here:

First time users will be asked to download the Zoom Launcher (one-time software installation). There is a prompt to enter your name and then you will automatically join the video conference. Members shall always announce themselves upon joining any conference call.

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