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The beginnings of a beautiful friendship

23 Mar 2017 10:05 PM | Adam Ledo

We have heard from some members recently regarding our announcement about hosting the FRID Annual Business Meeting at the Florida Association of the Deaf (FAD)'s 100th Anniversary Celebration. The FRIDay Flash is a great way to share quick announcements but doesn't allow for longer, and often necessary, elaboration. Please allow me to contextualize the Board's decision to host our ABM in conjunction with FAD's event.

Throughout my nearly 2 years as FRID President, I have unearthed scores of old documents. One of my favorites being the original RID paperwork filed by the founders of FRID back in February of 1971. As you can see, there were several Deaf individuals involved with the founding of FRID, including our first VP, Bob Thomson. Even from the onset, it was evident that FRID valued a strong relationship with the Deaf community and Deaf organizations. I have also come across countless agreements and contracts entered into in good faith by my predecessors and the leaders of FAD.

Several years ago, FRID made the decision to switch to a biannual conference; however, the bylaws still required an Annual Business Meeting. Fortunately for us, FAD was also hosting biannual conferences during our off year, thus leading to a perfect arrangement for both organizations to host their respective business meetings during the other's conference. This was the case in 2013 when I first got involved with FRID; the FRID Annual Business Meeting was held at FAD's conference in Tampa that year. It was inspiring to me to see a strong partnership between my state interpreting organization and the state association of the Deaf. 

When I took a leadership position in the organization, I made it my top priority to not only continue but also strengthen the relationship between FRID and FAD. With the support of the Board, we signed an agreement with FAD to begin hosting joint conferences, and we successfully did so this past October. As we move forward, FRID and FAD plan to continue the joint conferences, with the next one to be hosted jointly being held in 2018.  The current administration of FRID will continue to look for opportunities to partner with FAD. 

FAD is planning their 100th Anniversary Celebration, a special event, independently from FRID. Due to our long-standing relationship, FAD has been gracious enough to allow us to host our ABM during their celebration in the host hotel (at no cost to FRID). To show our gratitude, we are encouraging our members to attend the full weekend of FAD events. The FRID Annual Business Meeting will be held on the Saturday evening that weekend so as not to conflict with any of the FAD programming. 

The FRID ABM is free and open to the public and registration for FAD's 100th Anniversary Celebration events is not required. We ask that members please register for our ABM so that we can be prepared for the number of members who plan to attend. I sincerely hope to see all of you at our ABM in November and at the many FAD events that weekend.  

In closing, I hope that you will find inspiration and heartening when considering the longevity and preservation of a beautiful friendship between FAD and FRID.


Adam Ledo, FRID President

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