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Open Board and Committee positions

01 Feb 2021 1:16 PM | Deleted user

Hello FRID Members!

We are already one month in to the year 2021 and the recently seated Board Members, as well as returning Board members have been quite busy through this transitional time. We look forward to meeting in our first open Board meeting for this quarter on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 7pm EST/6pm CST. We encourage any member who is able, to attend the meeting being held virtually through Zoom. Be sure to check the website for how to attend.

Along with that, we still have a number of positions needing volunteers for appointment. On the Board of Directors we still have open positions for Treasurer, Region Representaive Central-West and a Student Representative. Please check the Website under BOARD OF DIRECTORS to see the qualifications for these roles.

In addition to the Board of directors, currently the Organization is without a Membership Chairperson. This role is vital to the Organization and our membership. We also are always happy to have our members volunteer on the other various committees that help FRID to function and accomplish assigned tasks. Another open position is that of our Communication Chairperson who is responsible for maintaining our website, Facebook page and sending out email blasts to members.

Anyone interested in applying for any of these various openings should email the Board of Directors to start the appointment process. 

I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to our current Board and Committee members working hard for each of us, as well as to our Membership for their continued support. 

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