Sponsor Initiated Activities

Sponsor initiated activities are developed by a Sponsor and presented for group instruction. Examples include: short courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, teleconferences and distance learning (e.g. continuing education publications, teleconferences, multi-media instruction materials, and programmed learning materials).

Instructions for Completing the Forms

The activity sponsor needs to complete and forward an Instructor's Form, Sponsor's form, Advertising Flyer, Certificate of Attendance, Activity Agenda and Presenter’s BIO to the CMP coordinator via email or snail mail 45 day prior to activity date. 

RID Sponsor Form – complete ONLY the following fields, all others leave blank

  • Activity Title

  • Location

  • Instructor’s Name

  • Contact Person

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Contact Email

  • Website

  • Target Audience

  • Activity Start Date

  • Activity Completion Date

  • Start Time(s)

  • End Time(s)

  • Content Level  - participant’s prior knowledge of the subject

RID Instructor Form, completed by presenter – complete ONLY the following fields, all others leave blank.
  • Presenter/Instructor Name

  • Date(s) of Activity

  • Title of Activity

  • Level of Participant’s Prior Knowledge of Topic

  • Target Audience

  • Workshop/Course Description

  • Educational Objectives

  • Media/Materials

  • Evaluation & Assessment

Advertising Flyer – The Flyer must include the following:
  • Logos– CMP, ACET, Both

  • The following paragraph: "FRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This [Content Area – either GS or PS] program is offered for [#] CEU's at the [pick a level –`little/no' thru `teaching'] Content Knowledge Level."

  • Information about the objectives of the activity

  • Cancellation and refund policy

  • Activity Title

  • Presenter’s Name

  • The target audience

  • Information about how to request reasonable accommodations

Certificate of Attendance – Certificate must include the following:
  • Participant name

  • CMP and ACET logos

  • Full Title of Activity as filed online

  • Activity Date(s)

  • RID activity number

  • FRID as CEU sponsor and sponsor code (0049)

  • Sponsoring organization’s name

  • Signature of presenter

Activity Agenda – Agenda must include the following:
  • Times for specific activities

  • Times for breaks, including meals if any

Instructor Form.doc

Instructor Form.pdf
Sponsor Form.doc
Sponsor Form.pdf

Upon receipt of these forms, the CMP coordinator will process the forms and send the activity sponsor a confirmation letter including the RID Activity number along with the Activity Report Form (ARF) and a sample evaluation form.

Upon event completion, the activity sponsor must mail all Activity Report Forms (ARF) and evaluations to the CMP coordinator via snail mail within 30 days.

Upon receipt of the Activity Report Forms and evaluations, the CMP coordinator will process and forward the forms to the RID national office for further processing and should be added to the participant's transcripts within 45 days.

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