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RID 2020 Practitioner Survey

22 May 2020 3:57 PM | Holli Tempe

Good afternoon everyone, 

FRID would like to take a moment to pass along RID's request regarding the 2020 Practitioner Survey. the RID Headquarters and Board of Directors recognize that many members have been affected adversely by the COVID-19 pandemic and that the pandemic is quickly changing they way interpreters work. They wanted to capture this shift, so Headquarters and the RID Finance committee collaborated to co-develop the 2020 Practitioner Survey to assess how the profession is faring and to better oversee the organization's finances. 

Building on the famous 2010 survey and report done by Betty Winston and Dennis Cokely, the survey adds questions distinguishing both "before" and "during" COVID-19, which assess what the profession looked like before COVID-19 as well as now during the pandemic. The goals of the survey are to capture what "normal" looked like before COVID-19, identify how things have changed for interpreters since the pandemic hit, and understand how to support interpreters better during this challenging time. 

The whole survey should take about 15 minutes to complete. The questions for the Finance Committee are the most important; RID would appreciate members filling out the entire survey to help benefit the profession and guide RID's financial planning moving forward. RID will share the results with the membership once they have them. The survey closes on May 31, 2020; please click this link to open and complete the survey before the closing date. We encourage everyone to take the time to complete the survey to help benefit our profession as a whole. 

Best regards,


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