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Final 2 Weeks of Session Are Not For the Weak Hearted

04 Mar 2016 9:07 AM | Adam Ledo

Below is an update from Gary Lieffers on the Educational Interpreter Bill (to be amended to SB432/HB189):

The final two weeks of Session are not for the weak hearted. If you have been trying to keep up with the proceedings, you are probably frustrated with the lack of movement on anything related to getting our bill passed. Rest assured, as each day goes by, it goes faster and faster. The Senate moved on over 80 bills yesterday. During the last few days of Session, bills are known to go from the House to the Senate and back multiple times before there is agreement.

So, the Senate Special Order Committee has yet to put SB432 on the Special Order Calendar. They will meet again tonight to agenda another set of bills that will be heard on Tuesday of next week. Let me be clear. That is still plenty of time to get our bill attached and passed. If it doesn’t happen until Wednesday, there is still a vast amount of time for our bill to make its way to the governor.

The Session builds to a crescendo heading to its final day. If you have never witnessed it, perhaps you could be watching next Friday, from the Florida Channel online. It becomes fast and furious.

The sponsor of SB432 is still confident that his bill will get its floor hearing. I was certainly hoping to get our bill through the process before the real madness, but here we are, and I still believe all is well.

….so we wait.

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