Deaf Advisory Committee


Goals/tasks of the group are mainly in terms of being a resource to the organization and sharing and exchange of information about ASL and the Deaf Community.

Committee: Council members serve 2 year terms and they can serve up to 3 consecutive terms.

General Qualifications:

  • Chair should be a member in good standing of FRID.
  • Be willing to attend conference calls and face-to-face meetings each year.
  • Be accessible and work cooperatively with the FRID Board.
  • Have e-mail access and respond in a timely manner as the bulk of work is done via e-mail.
  • Be willing to commit to serving a full two-year term.
Primary Qualifications (must meet three):
  • Knowledgeable about and experience with Deaf culture and American Sign Language as a native or near-native user.
  • Bilingual, knowledge of hearing/deaf culture.
  • Have demonstrated investment in the history of FRID/RID and/or other associated organizations (e.g.FAD/NAD,ASLTA, FASLTA).
  • Affirm commitment to enhancing the future of FRID/RID and /or other associated organizations (e.g. FAD/NAD,ASLTA, FASLTA).

Secondary Qualifications (must meet a minimum of one of the following three criteria):

  • Certified Deaf interpreter.
  • Deaf interpreter who has at least 4 years of experience.
  • A member in good standing with RID/FRID.
  • A member in good standing with associated organizations such as FAD or NAD.
  • Leadership skills/experience.
  • Former or current member of any state or national board or national committee of FRID/RID or associated organizations.
  • Members seeking appointment are asked to submit a copy of their resume and a letter of interest.

Number of members: 3-5


To Be Appointed

Committee Members:

To Be Appointed

Board Liaison:

James Smith, Vice-President of External Affairs

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